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Coaches and athletic trainers use soft tissue massage on their elite-level athletes to prevent injuries and enhance performance. The foam roller has enabled the masses to experience the same benefits without a massage therapist. It is a low cost, and very effective method to relieve pain or stiffness in your muscles. Generally, techniques are used both before and after a workout. Foam rolling prior to a workout can help decrease muscle density and promote a better warm-up. Rolling after a workout may help muscles recover from strenuous exercise.


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Product Description

1. Light-weight, high-density & Extra firm foam roller
2. Variety of uses and durable
3. Perfect firmness for soft tissue massages

• Available size: 60x15cm, 90x15cm, 92x15cm
• Material: EPE & EVA
• Available olor: blue, pink
• Weight: 0.84lbs

Package includes:
1 x foam yoga roller

Additional Information

Weight 6.792 kg
Dimensions 94 x 17 x 17 cm


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